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Stretch ceiling specialists

Stretch ceiling specialistsStretch ceiling specialists

Looking for a  way to improve Your home? We might have an idea for You! 

Inovative Home improvement

Our focus is to understand and complete the idea of our customers. Inovative way to make your place special using stretched ceiling design.

What's new

Is it still nesscesery to argue that times have changed. Everything is changing in a fast and rapid rate. But when it comes to home improvement, a lot of old methods of decorating and improving diferent type of areas are implemented.

Plastering and plaster board is used troughout generations. Most popular, yet not so relatable method of fine improvement.

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High quality certified product

  • Awarded Euro classification to: EN13501-1, Rating: B-s1,d0 , UK Equivalent to Class ‘O’ designation for building regulations.
  • Stretch has gained awards from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association – Water Vapour Permeability Tested to BS 3177
  • Ceiling sheet thickness is a nominal 0.2mm and manufactured in roll form with ultrasonic flush welded joints starting at approx. 1.5m centres, for printed panels the seam welding will be on the underside. 

dommo design

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